Class 3: Water Safety 🌊

Today we were visited by Canal and River Trust Explorers. They talked to us about keeping safe when playing around water. We have all had a little book about it to bring home.

Class 3: Looking at the Greek Language and Alphabet (emailing 📩)

We have been looking at the Greek language and alphabet. We used Quilbot to translate our message from English to Greek. We copied the Greek message, using the Greek alphabet, into our books, focussing on our handwriting and spacing. Next, we copied and pasted the Greek message into an email to send to our friends. … Read more

Olympic Events 🥇🥈🥉

On Thursday we made the most of the glorious sunshine and started planning our own Olympic events, for when we hold our own Madras Olympics. We worked in teams to create an event. We had to make sure that the event was ‘fair’ and we had to work out how we would decide on a … Read more

3️⃣ is the Magic Number 🔺

On Monday we were visited by Xplore. They told us all about the power of the number three. We had great fun working in teams. We constructed bridges and then tested them to see how much they could hold. We then explored the power of using triangles in bridge designs and adapted our work. We … Read more

Class 3: Cricket Session 🏏

On Thursday we had a fun session of Cricket with Matthew Jones from Active Wrexham. We worked on our fielding and bowling skills. 

Class 3: Creating a Class Book 📕🐲

Class three have been writing their own stories based on the book ‘The Boy who Grew Dragons’. We are going to make a class book with all of our stories in. We all created a front cover for our book. The class have voted the two covers above as the winners. We hope to complete … Read more

Class 3: PC Hulley 👮‍♀️ Friend or Foe

On Monday, PC Hulley came to talk to us about the topic ‘Friend or Foe’. We discussed different scenarios in groups and fed back how we would respond. She gave us a lot of valuable advice to keep us safe.