Class 3: Daffodil Festival

Class 3: Daffodil Festival Children in Year 3 made a daffodil for the school Eisteddfod in March. Shortly after, the school received an email from Michelle Davies chairperson of the Floral Committee of the Llangollen International Eisteddfod asking if the children would like to take part in the Daffodil Festival at St Collen’s Church in … Read more

Class 3: Robat Arwyn

Before the holiday, we thoroughly enjoyed a visit from Robat Arwyn to our school. In the hall, he played and sang his music for us; as well as telling us all about how he became a composer and what inspired him. We joined in with the songs we knew and all sang together. After this … Read more

Class 3: Easter Egg Hunt Part 2

On Wednesday, we held our annual Easter Egg Hunt. The children enjoyed working in teams to find all of the clues. They used their map reading skills to find the questions and the answers led them to their eggs. There were a few hidden eggs along the way too. Congratulations to the first few teams … Read more

Class 3: Deep down in the Llechwedd Slate Mine Part 1

On Monday, we went deep underground to discover how slate was mined. 500 feet below the surface, we looked at the old methods of mining and got to experience a magical light show by the underground lake. We had to count the steps on the way back to the top too. 

Class 3: Exploring Caernarfon Castle Part 1

On Monday, we had a great time exploring and finding out about the history of Caernarfon Castle. We climbed winding passages up the many towers and down into the dungeon. The sun shone for us and we were able to eat our lunch outside. For the staff, it was lovely to be on a trip … Read more