Hi all, Below is a link to register our super athletes for the triathlons or aquathlons which are put on, during the summer hols, by Wrexham sports development teams. It would be great to see Madras there! Miss Mira Active Young People Events/Activities – WCBC Events / Activities Junior Aquathlon / Triathlon. Wrexham … Read more

Y6 trip

Great fun so far. Water park was amazing. We have had fun in the waves, lazy rounds in the river, slides galore, synchronised swimming, a hole in a costume and shorts nearly down with the speed of a slide! Their faces as they whizz down the slides have been a treat! Off to beach and … Read more

Athletic Champions

Yesterday Madras competed at Queensway Wrexham Athletics Competition. We Won! I am so proud of the team. We took a KS2 team from year three to year six. We competed in high jump, long jump, throwing, individual sprint and relay. We got 14 first place, 5 second place, 2 third place and 3 fourth place. … Read more

Choir Concert

Choir concert Thursday and Friday evening this week starting at 7.30pm. A whole range of different music will be performed and not just singing. Tickets are £4 for adults and £2 for children, contact Mrs Evans to get yours!