Nursery: A letter

Nursery: A letter 
Our visitor in Nursery Idris is still with us! So, we all thought it would be a good idea if Mrs Jarvis went up to the castle in Llangollen and see if she could find any dragons. Sadly, no dragons to be found, but Mrs Jarvis thought that a nearby cave would be somewhere a dragon may live.
Mrs Jarvis went to investigate, but not too closely! She left a letter by the entrance to the cave on Saturday morning and hoped that we would find out some more about Idris.
This morning in Nursery, we had a shock! Mrs Evans came down with a letter that the postman had delivered for us, it was from Mr and Mrs Dragon, they were so happy to hear from us. They said that Idris was really called Dewi and he had been learning to fly and must have got lost.
Today, we have been writing letters to Mr and Mrs Dragon, asking lots of questions and telling them all about what we have been finding out about Wales and dragons.
Mrs Evans will take our letters to the Post Office, we hope that the dragons will write back to us soon.