Viking Day!

Class 2 have had a fantastic time during our Viking Day.

We were excited to meet Wulfric – a Viking warrior who had travelled  far on her long ship to meet us and to teach us about Viking life (luckily she was a friendly Viking).

We started the day off by racing on our Viking long ships to invade The Holy Island of Lindisfarne. We played different games and learnt about the voyages the Vikings made across from Scandinavia.

We also learnt about the different food that Viking people ate, and about their home life and houses.

The children enjoyed getting hands-on with Wulfric’s different weapons. She explained what each one was used for in battle and taught us some Viking battle strategies. We learnt how to create a ‘shield wall’ and the children enjoyed using war chants to intimidate their opposition.

After lunch we became archaeologists and had to guess what the different artefacts  would have been used for during the Viking Age. We also used Viking runes to write messages in clay.

Finally, Wulfric taught us about Viking funerals and the special rituals that they believed in and answered our questions that we had thought of during topic lessons.