A Wet and Windy trip to Conwy

Class 3 and Class 4 visited Conwy.  

Firstly, we went to the magnificent Conwy Castle. We learned some amazing facts that we didn’t know before. Did you know it was designed and built by James of Saint George? Then we had our lunch in the ancient monk’s chapel. After lunch we went onto the grass to sketch different aspects of the splendid castle. After that we got into groups and headed for the shops. There was a spectacular sweet shop, a delightful bakery, a Conwy gift shop and an ice cream shop that made our mouth water. Once we got everything we wanted from the shops, we walked down to the quayside with an amazing view of the sea. We went with our teachers to the fish and chip shop to get our food. We walked back to the benches by the quayside, near the smallest house in Britain, and ate our scrumptious fish and chips. After an amazing day we arrived back at school at 7pm. It was a fabulous day! 

Reporters; Mischa, Isla and Carys