Year 6 Parents

You can apply for a secondary school place either online here or via Contact Wrexham

The common transfer day is Thursday 30th June 2022.

Please click on the link below for The Maelor School’s website:

The Maelor School

Secondary School Transport:

With effect from 1st March 2019, parents will be able to apply for their child’s free school transport via the Council’s online Citizen’s Portal.

Link for Citizen’s Portal here

Parents will only be able to make application for transport after their child’s school place is confirmed by Admissions on the 1st March and will then have until 31st March to apply for transport via the Portal for the new term in September.

Parents will be notified of the decision by email no later than 31st July. Parents are reminded that free transport is only provided to pupils attending their nearest suitable
school and then only where the walking distance from Home to School is more than 2 miles for Primary / 3 miles for Secondary.