School Uniform

We encourage pupils to wear our school uniform because we believe that if pupils take pride in their appearance, it can influence their attitudes and general conduct in school. It also ensures that everyone is equal.

Our uniform consists of:

  • Bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan.*
  • Grey skirt or pinafore, of a reasonable length (knee length).
  • Grey trousers or shorts, of a reasonable length (shorts knee length).
  • Plain white polo shirt* or white formal shirt.
  • Green and white check summer dress* of a reasonable length (knee length).
  • Grey or green tights or grey, white or green socks. (not over the knee)
  • Sensible, black shoes.

N.B. Trainers, high heels, open toed, slip on or sling-back sandals and boots are NOT appropriate footwear for school.

Items marked with* are available branded and can be bought from our supplier, Sarah’s Embroidery, based on Penley Industrial Estate. You can get a price list and order by visiting their web site: and entering ‘Madras School’ into the search facility.

Also available, but not compulsory, are fleeces, light waterproof jackets and reversible coats.


Hair styles should be reasonable for a primary school; no extreme haircuts/styles – haircuts must be blended in – no extreme short back and sides with longer on the top and no hair dyes. Any child with hair longer than shoulder length is expected to keep it tied back. No make-up or nail varnish is to be worn.

Jewellery: Apart from a wristwatch and small stud earrings, jewellery should not be worn for

For P.E. Lessons, pupils come dressed in PE Kit

The PE Kit consists of: Black shorts, bottle green school PE T-shirt and trainers. Pupils may wear black jogging trousers or leggings on colder days. A bottle green hoodie* can be worn as part of the PE kit;

Health and Safety Regulations (Safe Practice in Physical Education, School Sport & Physical Activity) states that all jewellery should be removed for all P.E. lessons including swimming lessons.

If an item of jewellery cannot be removed (for example, when pierced ears are in the healing weeks or for religious reasons) then it is the parent’s responsibility to cover/tape up the jewellery to a standard that the class teacher is happy with for the child to proceed with the lesson. Staff cannot remove earrings, we therefore suggest that earrings are removed at home and left there on PE days.

Pupils should come to school with their hair tied back, ready for the PE lesson.

Forest School Days

Pupils can wear their own clothes for Forest School days but they should consist of long sleeves and trousers/leggings. Please bring to school a pair of wellies to wear, the younger pupils can leave these in school as we have space to store them and they are used through the week. Be dressed for the weather as they will be outside even if it is wet.


Provision is made for all KS2 pupils to receive swimming instruction. This is a compulsory subject within the National Curriculum and all children are therefore required to attend. They should be provided with a one piece swimming costume or trunks (not loose swim shorts), a swimming cap and towel on the relevant day. If you consider that your child is fit to be in school, then they are also fit to swim. Spectators are not allowed on the poolside and we have no provision in school to look after sick children.

Any exception to the School Uniform and Appearance Policy must be agreed by the headteacher.

If the school uniform is not adhered to then parents/carers will be contacted to rectify the situation.