Queensway Wrexham Athletics Competition 2018

A successful day was had at Queensway Wrexham District Sports yesterday.


Total Points: 119

Position: FIRST


Our team was made up of:


Sam (Sprint 1st, Relay 2nd)

Owen (Relay 2nd, Long Jump 1st 3.06m)

Jack (Relay 2nd)

Josef (Throwing 1st 27.5m)

Lucie (Sprint, Relay 2nd)



Hazel (Sprint 4th, Relay 1st)

Alex (Sprint 2nd, Relay 1st)

Rhys (Relay 1st)

Saskia (Relay 1st, Long Jump 2.30m)


Theodore (Sprint 4th, Relay 3rd)

Isla (Sprint 1st, Relay 3rd, Vertical Jump 2nd 38cm)

April (Relay 3rd, Long Jump 1st 3.0m)

Oliver (Long Jump 1st 3.15m)

Roan (Relay 3rd, Vertical Jump 2nd 35cm)



Raffi (800m, Relay 1st)

George (Sprint 2nd, Relay 1st, Vertical Jump 1st 37cm, Long Jump 1st 3.8m)

Year 6 boy (Throwing 1st 30.0m)

Libby (Relay 1st, Long Jump 1st 3.3m)

Megan (Sprint 3rd, Relay 1st, Vertical Jump 1st 46cm)

Nia (Throwing 1st 19.7m)

Thomas (800m)


A special mention to George (Y6) who qualified for the overall sprint final and came 3rd out of 28 schools – 3rd fastest Y6 in Wrexham – What an honour! He also got a medal for the longest jump of the day out of all 28 schools. Another special mention to Libby who came 3rd overall (of all 28 schools) for long jump.

We have some talented children at Madras.

We are so proud of our sporting success!