TTRockstars 🎸✨ Week 1 Most Valuable Players

We have launched a new TTRockstars Tournament. The aim of this tournament is to  relaunch TT rockstars, provide a  stimulus to motivate pupils to engage and most importantly improve the mental ability of our pupils.
The Details
The tournament will last eight weeks. 
Each year group is a team. 
Pupils have been challenged to play as many games as possible.
Each correct answer will give them a point for their team.
Every Wednesday we will check the results. 
To make this fair we have decided to:
  • Calculate an average based on the number of children in the year group 
  • Set tables appropriate to the child’s ability
Each week we will allocate points as follows:
1st – 4 points
2nd – 3 points
3rd – 2 points
4th – 1 point
At the end of the eight weeks, we will work out the year group with the most points overall and they will sit down with their teacher and discuss options for a special treat. 
🏆Week one winners are: 
1st – Year 5
2nd – Year 4
3rd – Year 6
4th – Year 3
We also celebrate the individuals who have played the most from games each year group, each week.
Above is a picture of the most valuable players this week, gaining the most points for their teams.