Thank you Friends of Madras

A huge ‘Diolch yn Fawr iawn’ to all of our family and friends of Madras. Y6 were gifted their leaver’s hoodies on Monday and absolutely love them. Thank you ‘Friends of Madras’ and all that support and organise their events.

Dŵr Cymru visits Y5/Y6

We had a visit from Welsh Water who taught us all about the water cycle. Also, we planned how water gets from our houses to a water treatment works and then back again. We were taught a very important message too: STOP THE BLOCK! Only the three P’s are allowed to be flushed – hopefully … Read more

A visit to Xplore for Y5/Y6

Today we went to Xplore to learn all about Aquaponics. Aquaponics is a sustainable way to grow food. It involves aquaculture and hydroponics in one integrated system. Basically, the waste produced by the fish feeds the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish, producing one continuous cycle. We made our own aquaponic … Read more


Nursery: Beach Week In Nursery we have had a wonderful ‘Beach Week’. We had lots of fun activities and ate lots of tasty treats!  We were so happy when the sun came out on Friday and we were able to have some fun in the paddling pools. 

Nursery:Transition Morning

Nursery had a lovely transition morning in their new class. They had fun exploring the indoor and outdoor continuous provision areas, they enjoyed their fruit for snack and were very grown up having their school dinner. I am very excited for September to start our new adventure. Miss Kempster.

Whole School: Sports Day June 2022

We had a wonderful sports day last week, thank you to everyone who was able to join us. This year Dymock house were the overall winners with Peel coming second and Kenyon third.

Class 1: Healthy Eating

This week we have taken part in the National Healthy Eating week. Firstly we looked at why fibre is important and we tasted some high fibre cereals. Next we discussed fruit and vegetables, the importance of them and how many we need a day. We had fun making fruit kebabs, we really enjoyed eating them. … Read more

Nursery: Phonics

This week we have been looking at the sound ‘p’. We created patterns using cubes and bears, made Percy Pig biscuits and looked in our picture dictionaries. For snack we had pizza or peach fromage frais. We are having lots of fun learning our sounds.