Class 3: Taekwondo with Ady Jones🥋

We had so much fun this afternoon with a session of Taekwondo with Ady Jones. Ady explained to us where Taekwondo originally came from and we talked about other martial arts. We discussed how it is used for self -defence and to help build self confidence. We know the correct place to practise our moves and that it should be with an instructor. We had a fun filled warm up, where Ady challenged us to be the loudest class (no problems there 📣) and then he showed us the correct way to form our fist for punching 👊and how to kick correctly. Speed is very important. We were shown how to use the pads to block. We took turns holding the pads and worked on our ‚Äėpunch, punch, kick‚Äô.¬† Apologies for the blurry photographs but they were just too fast for me. ⚡