Nursery: A visitor

Nursery: A visitor!
What an exciting morning we had yesterday. Just as we were about to leave the hall after assembly Miss Clark came in and told Mrs Jarvis we had better come back to Nursery straight away.
We rushed back to Nursery to see what had happened. Miss Clark told us that she had left the window open when she went outside to the shed and when she walked back into the classroom she had such a shock!
There on the table was a dragon! It must have flown through the window.
At first we were all a bit worried, what if it was a fierce dragon, what if it scratched or bit us, we didn’t know what to do. We did think the dragon looked a little frightened, so we thought we would let it stay for a little while. 
The dragon had a bag on it’s back, he had food , a book, a flag, a game a daffodil and a teddy inside it. The teddy had Llangollen written on it, Mrs Jarvis said that near her house in Llangollen there was castle and some caves, and one of the children thought perhaps he lived in the cave, ventured out and followed Mrs Jarvis to school!
We can’t wait to find out more about our dragon, we will keep you all updated.