Nursery: Kitchen Garden

Nursery: Kitchen Garden
You may remember that just before Christmas, Toni and Bill Slater, who are the grandparents of one of the children in Nursery, came in and planted daffodils in the Nursery garden area. We have been so lucky to have a wonderful display this spring, thank you Toni and Bill.
Now we must say another big thank you to Toni and Bill, as before the Easter holiday, they came in and sorted out our very ‘sad looking’ Kitchen Garden!
They made a plan, cleared the area and created a wonderful garden with planters of all shapes and sizes! As well as sorting the garden, they made planters and Bill even made a bench for us to sit on! We also have a water butt and a compost bin.
Today we planted potatoes, sweet peas and re planted the strawberries.
We also will have lettuce, radishes and marigolds.
Thank you so much Toni and Bill.