Nursery: Scarecrow’s Wedding

Nursery: Scarecrow’s Wedding
Thursday 5th October was a very special day in Nursery. 
A day we have been looking forward to for a few weeks. It was Harry O’Hay and Betty O’Barley’s wedding day!
We made Harry the scarecrow one Friday in Forest School and Betty, well Betty just appeared in our classroom one Monday morning!
Mrs Jarvis thought it would be a wonderful idea if they got married, just like in the story. Miss Clark agreed, and we all thought that was a marvellous idea.
We wrote invitations, made flowers and bunting for the wedding.
In church Reverend Michael Winwood helped us to celebrate the marriage and told us all about how Harry and Betty would love and care for each other.
Afterwards we went back to school for the reception.
Miss Clark made a beautiful wedding cake and it tasted delicious.
What a wonderful time we had.