Nursery: Week 6th November

Nursery: Week 6th November 

Another busy week in Nursery with lots going on.
We tasted the different snacks we have and decided which was our favourite and then we made a pictogram. 
As part of Well-being, we made Glitter Jars. We found out that  

when we feel calm our emotions are a bit like the glitter, they

are soft, settled and calm.

When we shake the jar, the glitter will move all around the jar.

When we are feeling sad, angry, or worried our emotions look

a bit like this in our brain. They are jumping around mixing together

and are all a bit crazy.

When we feel big emotions, we can do things like Happy Breathing or

watching our Glitter Jars and that helps us to calm down and feel happy


As part of our Topic, we went on a ‘Dark Hunt’ around school.

On Friday we painted poppies, made poppy cakes, then we went outside with all the children and teachers. We stood very still and didn’t speak and thought about all of the soldiers.

We said a big thank to all the brave men and women.