Class 2: Forest School

The children have been using tools, creating things from clay and having a wonderful time in the mud!

Class 2: Telesik- a Ukrainian folk tale

Over the last few weeks we have used a text for our Whole Class Reading. It is a Ukrainian folk tale. called ‘Telesik’ Each session we have read a different part of the story and done lots of different activities linked to it. This week we hot seated the dragon and asked her questions about … Read more

Class 2: More about 3D shapes

This week we have been solving pattern problems. We have been working out the next shape in the pattern sequence and also thinking which shape could be the 7th, 10th or 12th in the sequence.

Class 2: 3D shapes from March

The week before Easter we were finding out about 3D shapes. We had to help Dewi our class dragon toy. We made short videos about each of the 3D shapes and used Welsh sentences to describe the shapes. We built shapes using spaghetti and marshmallows and even outside using sticks and clay.  We built Harlech … Read more

Class 2: Daffodil Festival

Class 2: Daffodil Festival As part of the craft competitions for our school Eisteddfod, Year 3 children were asked to create a daffodil using any materials they wanted. Shortly after, the school received an email from Michelle Davies chairperson of the Floral Committee of the Llangollen International Eisteddfod asking if the children would like to … Read more

Class 2: Finding out about Holi

On Monday we were learning about ‘What matters to Hindus during Holi”. We made a group fact sheet about all the different things that matter, such as colour, love and forgiveness, bonfires, dancing and food. We created large Rangoli designs outside and then we did some drama in the hall, such as creating a large … Read more

Class 2: Chirk Castle

We had a fabulous day! We went down the dungeon, up the tower and tried on helmets and armour. We did a 3D shape hunt and found lots of examples of symmetry in the coats of arms and decorations around the castle. One of the highlights was discovering a wooden gate at the bottom of the … Read more

Class 2: Clay sleeping dragons and dragon eyes

Wow! I think all the children in Class 2 are amazing clay artists! Year 2 have designed and created a sleeping dragon. Year 3 have created a dragon eye. The focus was on using different tools to create texture and pattern, molding clay and creating shape. I think they did a wonderful job and we cannot … Read more

Class 2: World Book Day

We interviewed each other and asked questions about what type of books we like to read and why. We found out about some books we have not read that other children recommended. We also had two Oompa Loompas in class with us!