Nursery: Phonics and Forest School

Nursery: Phonics and Forest School
This week we had lots of fun with our phonics.
We looked for objects that started with a ‘s’ sound, we chalked snakes on the yard, and Miss Clark helped us to paint snakes and make snakes with paper plates and play dough.
For snack we had strawberries and sausages! 
When we were outside, we played a really funny game, if Mrs Jarvis said a word starting with a ‘s’ sound we had to be speedy snakes and run quickly along the long snake, but if we didn’t hear the ‘s’ sound we had to stand really still. We were super at this game!
On Friday we went to Forest School, we had so much fun in the mud and water! Some of us made necklaces and Lorraine helped some of us to use the tools.
We love Forest Friday!